Tuesday, August 01, 2006

haven't been posting much lately. My broadband connection at home is in transition. I've cancelled my Slingshot service and signed up for Telstraclear (cable). It's not going to be online for a couple of weeks.....but will work out cheaper in the long run.

Have managed to get out a bit on the bike. Am doing a regular Sunday morning mtb ride with some Hutt Valley lads. Several of them are motocross demons and are lethal going downhill on the moutain bikes. I've got no hope of keeping up. Enjoying the ride though...it's 3+ hours in the hills up behind the house in Korokoro. Fireroad/road climbs...and sweet singletrack downhills. Good times.

Am also riding Tuesday nights with an Aussie chick from work. We're trying to get a 1-2 hour ride in at Makara Peak....which is awesome at night. A bit cold this time of the year....but still tons of fun.

Other than that I'm just doing my regular commute rides. Legs are starting to feel a bit stronger. Am hoping to peak when I get to California!

Oh....there's a 70km mtb race coming up in Rotorua (as part of the world champs) next month. A few of us from work have signed up for that.....should be interesting!


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