Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just a quick update. ....

Rode with Jarlath and Tanja from work last night. Climbed Mt Vic a couple of times. Great views of the city from the top. Short ride though....<1>

Rode in today too. Light rain in Wellington today. Rush hour traffice was crawling along...but the bike lines were clear!

I'm looking to replace my messenger bag. The one I have now is appox 10 years old. I picked it up from A to Z couriers, NYC when I installed their "Kiwi Express" system for them back in the '90s. The messenger bag rocks. I 've been doing a bit of research on it. It's made by Globe canvas in's what I was able to find...

"The messenger bag as we know it today, however, originated in the 1950s or thereabouts, being produced as a bag for telephone linemen, by Globe Canvas/De Martini in New York. The linemen needed a bag they could easily access while climbing telephone poles, and this design worked perfectly. New York bicycle messenger companies picked them up sometime in the 1970s, and initially were purchased one color per company, as identifiers of a sort. For a long while, NYC was the bastion of the messenger bag - until things started to spread in the 1980s".

I've checked in with Smilie....he keeps in touch with Mark at A to Z. Apparently they no longer use/provide messenger with the Globe Canvas I'm not going to be able to replace with one I have (at least not with one that has the A to Z logo on it).

Also....Mr De Martini (the original maker of the bag) is no longer alive...but before he died he sold his company on to Rod Hanson...who continues to make the bags. He has a website and an 800 number. I'll give him a call when I'm in SF and get a new bag ordered!


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