Monday, October 09, 2006

Busy weekend in Wellington. Moved into the new Mt Vic pad on Saturday. I didn't have much stuff to move...mostly just clothes and the essiential bike stuff...oh and a bed. Pete (pictured) had a whole bunch more including: 4 x couches, washer, dryer, fridge freezer, tv, stereo, bed etc etc. Luckily he was only moving from one side of town to the a round trip with the trailer only took 30 minutes or so. We got it all down by about 3pm, then buggered off to the pub for a couple of hours. Spent yesterday sorting the new place out. The sky tv guy has been in and hooked us up already. No internet yet though....Telecom claim they need 3 weeks to get the line sorted out. God knows why. As luck would have it there's someone else in the building with an unsecured wireless network.....pretty unusual for NZ as all our broadband services are data capped. Just about all wireles networks here are password finding an unprotected one was quite a fluke. Will mooch off of that while I can.
The sale of the korokoro house is underway...advertising will be out next week. We had a 1/2 day of good weather the agent went up and took some pics of the house. Will post them when he sends me a copy.
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